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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where does one draw the lines?

I know at some point or the other you have heard someone mention the problem with this or that country, the world or even yourself. Well i have one more for you. it is the problem of limitations. In other words, how far should one go?
Just last week, a conference for the Paediatric association of Nigeria was hosted by my school and being that we are the ones currently in the Paediatric posting, our lecturers asked us to assist in Cleaning, ushering and other petty jobs. Now whether they were autocratic in the way they made their requests at first or if they were only asking us for favours they knew we dared not refuse (you know the way your boss asks you for a favour when he knows he really is just asking you to do something ASAP) is left to interpretation.
However, the Hippocratic oath, which guides the medical profession clearly demands respect for teachers but the question is this, where does one draw the lines between respect and simple, menial labour

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