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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Album review you've been waiting for!


This highly anticipated 2nd official album from M.I can be summed up in the first few seconds of its 16th track where a drumbeat builds up, gets oiled by exceptional piano chords before what I’m betting is the voice of a soothsayer asks me to breathe. Really, everything about the album took my breath away!

The theme of the skits is reminiscent of something master ace did with disposable art where it is not just one skit in isolation but every parody linked together to tell a unique story. The album title itself reminded me of the famous Tom Cruise film, Mission Impossible (M I) which sprung up a question in my head. Was it possible to be twice as spectacular the second time around? Especially considering the fact that the easy thing was getting to the top while the hard part really, is staying there. I loved that the first track introduced M I as an action hero come to save his abducted love, Waje (I hear a film is actually in the wraps that stars M I), ‘Represent’ produced by Platinumtoxx, who by the way is a phenomenal beat brewer starts with a woman who has slept off in the cinema while desperately waiting for a Choc Boys track, and track 14 (I’ll get to this in a bit) had the credits for the movie roll by.

A lot of albums have maybe one or two tracks that are so hot you’ll tolerate all the crap that make up the rest of the album and still go ahead and buy it. It is not often that you see an album with almost all the tracks of earworm forming quality. This was definitely an exception with punchlines as hot as lava and soul soothing hooks all the way from start to finish. Shout out to Brymo on this note. When it comes to talent, you either have it or you don’t. This guy shows he is one of the chosen few who definitely have it. He was hot on ‘Oleku’ with ice prince, L-O-V-E U with Jesse Jags and Action film with M.I.

Compared to his last album which had more fast paced songs like ‘Anoti’, ‘Safe’, ‘Teaser’ and ‘Area’, this album was calmer, more matured and very Nigerian. Was it better than the last one? Well, all I can say to that is that there are questions which are better not asked because answers are either not forthcoming or just plain ambiguous. It was definitely different. Yes, that’s the word, different.

Let’s say a bit about some of the tracks that got my hands glued to the replay button. One among many was ‘Number one’ where M.I showed it was possible for Core Nigerian genres of music to be friends with real witty and head wracking lyrical hip hop! ‘Nobody’ got me thinking when he said that “You are easier to see when you are in flight” and that he was like toothpaste such that without his gist in their mouth they (haters) get toothache. That was some ill isht! Frankly, if I was Kelly Hansome, after hearing the track ‘Beef’, I would turn to a strict vegetarian ASAP!!! He got murdered like a villain in a bad ass action movie. ‘Wild Wild West’ reminded us that the killings in J-Town were just plain stupid. I also particularly like ‘My head My belle’ which was again both Nigerian and yet cool to the brim. I laughed when the cop said “…Bring something make I hold or I hold you…” LMFAO. Any gal wey hear One Naira yet still no trip get hormonal problems-No kidding! Waje was really beautiful on that track. Really I could go on and on- ‘Craze’, ‘Undisputed’, ‘Epic Praise’ (Which by the way is my personal favourite, and ‘Imperfect Me’ which I thought was a fkucngi matured thing to do(Pardon my French)!

If I was a crack head, M.I would most definitely by my dealer ‘cuz M.I 2 was 100% dope-No additives.

Watcha rating-***** No kidding!

What 4 bars were your favourite in the album. Feel free to drop comments below with or without your name


Anonymous said...


Christian said...

Mr incredible is incredibly gud. Someone recently said, "how lil wayne take pass M.I.? shey na becos een dey America?"
Anyway, my favourite track is 'my head my belle'. Favourite punchline is by iceprince in represent-'read my lips and make A's in d test'.
Shout out to Brymo. He is d next good thing.
M.I. keep doing ur thing. For the haters, u'll keep missing lyk yakubu...ha ha ha...
It's me,

Anonymous said...

"Kenechukwu clap for ya self. Weldone!" deadly! I shed tears whn i herd 'wild west'. Flavour, my favouryt bad guy, dint disappoint in " rapper NUMBA WAN OH!". Waje stole mah heart..."baby u gat me". But i gat 2 say, d track dat ran my ba3s dwn most oftn ws....."wich kyn witchcraft, wich kyn juju..." yeah. U got it ryt. Un un un(mad scratches) undisputed champion! Wch reminds me, daz wht dis album totally is! Peace out!