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Thursday, May 31, 2012

MIXTAPE Review; Kahli Abdu – The Bandits EP

MIXTAPE Review; Kahli Abdu – The Bandits EP
The Bandits EP is a sequel to Ministry of Corruption as Kahli Continued to advocate the art of Lyricism before mainstream breakthrough. The Bandits EP is an anthem for anybody who feels oppressed politically or deprived of Political Liberty. It is also an ode about his metamorphosis into the Nigerian Music Industry.
Kahli deciphered what the art of lyricism truly is in a well-delivered “Bandits Intro” where he explicably talked about his ambitions as a growing young man and how he started to rap from his secondary school days down when he watched programs on NTA to pilot listeners into the EP  proper, “Ghetto of the world” is  a grilled form of discordant tune which made Kahli virtually semi-inaudible.
Kid Konnect elementarily did well on all the tracks, combined with Kahli’s amazing delivery which made the union a fruitful one, “Cross Country” featured an appearance by Endia and Kahli was basically having a retrospective thinking about areas he had lived, but also he did not let the somber emotion of “state of emergency” weigh him down as he consciously stated; “Bombs Going off in J-Town, so we party, but we stay riding Jincheng Like Ducatti” and “my woman is fly, so ama put her in Mansion”.
“Killing” is a typical Hip Hop track where Kahli bragged about how he is the best with some head scratching punch lines and a crazy excerpts from Drake’s Forever, he said; “I mean bow to the chiefs yo, I mean how did y’all survive with that weak flow, I’m the man/period I make them bleed always”.
The appearance of Poe and XO Senavoe complemented “stuck with you” as both acts didn’t disappoint their audience with a sharp delivery by XO Senavoe and and  witty lyrics by Poe all makes “stuck with you” a must listen on the EP. Kahli’s poignant delivery on “state of emergency” makes an average listener to hit the replay button, his amazing narratives only proves he is ready to make a break into the industry when his album drops.

The coherence and concentrated fury on; “state of emergency” saw Kahli making reference to the political hullabaloo in Nigeria and especially in the northern part of the country, it characterized the voice of an angry mob presumably after a passerby was shot by a soldier;” This our blood brother… our friend indeed without spotting any ammunition with him, thereafter a soldier man from nowhere just shot him” and “ they even got the nerve to hit the police headquarters, there should be a law to get the bombers head slaughtered and that’s how I feel I don’t care how you see it” There is virtually no line not worthy of quote on the song.
A laid-back delivery and languid delivery saw Kahli effortlessly kill an emotionally and nostalgic “ Little Brother” with an amazing Flip of Multi-Syllabic rhymes and amazing play on words; “Arguably hold my own when we battle with bars, but he always kick my ass when we argue on Nas, ‘cos he’s more in the Jay and I got something to say”, “ Toast” a club oriented cut off the EP saw Kahli in his happiest moment on the EP; “ tonight we gonna celebrate like we signed a deal”.  “I’m not a rapper” was the last on the EP featured another excerpt from Jay Z’s ain’t no love where Kahli’s narrative ability was called upon and he took it by the jugular. Kahli kept his game to the highest from the start to finish ;” married to my hustle can’t wait for consummation” and “ I can see the future you’ll regret if you doubt me”.
The Bravado and bombastic narrative contents, exciting switching of flows within verses and flip multi-syllabic rhyme pattern coupled with his delivery made The Bandits EP a nice cut. Will he ever be a legend? only time will tell. 

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