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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Juzt Courage Feat Fame- "Courage or fame" song review.

Juzt Courage Feat Fame- courage or fame song review.
     If you are conversant with trends on the Nigerian Underground hip hop scene, then the name: Juzt Courage would not be new to you. The Benin-based young rapper has continued to up his game song after song in preparation for the release of his debut mix tape: ‘Better Dayz’ Just Ahead EP teaming up with another youngster ‘Fame’ to drop this courageous single; Courage or Fame.
 Courage or fame is a street worthy song, yet radio friendly tune spiked with a paradoxical hook sung by Fame: “Moimoi no be beans eh eh, sugar cane no be sugar eh”, and a catchy beat produced by Michael Excel and Afro tunes.

            Juzt Courage’s lyrical ability is undeniably getting better compared to his recent body of works like ‘lost bars’, ‘revelation chapter 22’, ‘no be lie’ and ‘man’s greed’. He was quite conservative in his use of punch lines. He also consistently switched his style of delivery within the verses he took, efficiently switching between English and pidgin English, an ability that can easily be traced to being brought up in Benin City.
His knack for playing with words and similes were not overshadowed by his narratives, as he used it rapidly in both verses with lines like; ”I am steady growing my excesses/, I amend them and I don’t need to feature stars/ I earn it, I’m a future star” and “…but I mastered this hustle in hope the most high will make me dope die like Amy wine house”.
Although the way he switched his flows were not consistent, the delivery of the preamble to the second verse seemed near perfect which made him keep pace with the beat. Throughout the verses he tried to inspire listeners taking them into a brief narrative into his life while taking punts at haters with the first line: “…but still they keep saying that I’m timid/ saying na my attitude problem na im go kill me” and “…say my failure is vivid, I dey joke, I dey jack/ if you no like my track/ why you no shut up and skip it/ but like my draft messages I no send them.”
The ingenuity with which Fame delivered the hook was masked by the fact that he kinda sounded like TuFace. He also was in control of the booth when he took the last verse where he advised listeners that they should be wary of their haters as they are always slinging throats in their absence; “…dem go dey your back they tell you waka/ olofofo them I say make you waka.

“I don’t know a shortcut to success, but the shortcut to failure is trying to Please everyone”.
 Juzt Courage

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Another classic review by Thots Tha Wordsmith
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