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Monday, September 3, 2012


After a couple of years in the music industry, Edge Record’s Reminisce has made his way into the Nigerian music limelight with the release of his smash single ‘’kako bi chicken” that has earned him a considerable fan base as the song turned out to be a house hold one pronounced one along with a massive commercial success. But during the course of the album release he was wrapped in a controversial near one sided beef with Ace Rapper signed to YSG Entertainment, Vector Tha Viper which has basically sprung a reply to the Jab where Vector capitalized on an AQ Song (Distractions) to counter Reminisce’ subliminal on a one minute track titled; Ata.
The Book Of Rap Stories which is his debut album hit stores the first quarters of 2012 with most of the songs following the same concept as the commercially successful “kako bi chicken” as Reminisce’ attention was shifted to a much more party and dance-oriented kinda songs. Nonetheless, he still manages to include some quality in this whole body of work and his undisputable ability to select beats for songs comes to fur on nearly all songs.

He maintains the fact that he is not in the industry to rap in lieu of making money on “Gbabe”. "Reminisce no dey rap, emi wa gba owo ni o”-this inclination made him particularly shock listeners with a fuji intro where Tatoo did a prelude in full blast Yoruba where Reminisce was extolled on the skit. While trying to capture and extend his brand to a larger fan base, he still did some masterpiece storytelling on “bisi na my lover” and “bye bye” with a flipped multisyllabic rhyming and a falling emotion to accentuate the meaning of the song fully.
“Ever since” presumably the first single off the album where 9ice delivered his usual magical hook and Reminisce narrated with a poignant and straightforward delivery taking listeners through his rough road to success with lines like: "...loaded with money on my mind all time/I can’t wait till it’s my time to shine/I got the street with me/they gotta be with me, never let me down I got money like 50...”
In a conversational satire, he displayed his sense of humour on 2mussh with a libidinous flow: "...wan bi baby kilode to tibe tibe /bi mo shen wo e yi oya ko ma shibe shibe” and “bata ti mo woyi Alexander Macqueen ni / mate lewon wa tori swagger mi supreme ni”.
Irrespective of him making an intentional digression from real rap, he continuously made a monumental transition with numerous multisyllabic rhyming pattern in relation to his metaphorical delivery on: 'quality', '2mussh', 'if only', 'caro', 'jemi', and 'gbon gbon' " am a champion/check my medallion/got skills and style am like a stallion”. Undeniably, Reminisce has captured considerable fan base and favourable spin from DJs and radio stations which apparently is the concept of the album.Way to go bro!

Feel free to download some of the tracks by clicking on the link below:

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