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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Ironical you may say
I fear you will not understand
A basket filled with water?
Like a fire in the sky
Burning aggressively in the rainy sky

Though the rock seems hard and firm
Wonderful plantation still thrive therein
Waterfalls like a vista of gleaming balls
Hard and rocky it is still
Possible it is, but uneasy its manifestation
Impossible remains the undetected actuality
Treasures are hidden for eyes may see
Once seen for gratis, loses its beauty and value
The present will always remain an undetected past
For the past never agree it is true, the present witness its veracity

Trying and failing is never an attribute
Face the hitch to no avail
Detecting something new is never a crime
Doing the impossible is no bolt from the blue
So search and search for the answer is on hand   

To combine a gunpowder with fire without a pop
To fill a basket with water without a squander
All are element of great patience and wisdom
Never doubt making the impossible doable
Even as mockery and derision weakens your heart.

This entry came third in the just concluded writing competition. It was sent in by Idris Olusola. Hope you liked it. Please drop comments below...

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1 comment:

Olaniyan Mustapha said...

Very nice and composite poem by an erudite scholar...more of it brother
May this be the continuum of a brighter and rewarding future, Ameen