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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Negro Agenda

The Negro Agenda

Let the blood drip again
Cos it ain’t over yet
You stole from us our identity
Now we’ve come for your life,
History, children and wives.
Because you snatched away our culture
We will blot out your memory
Like you never happened.
For though with our sweat, toils and flesh
You built your lands
You now call us inferior
Behold the souls of the slain saints cry out
To the living, firmament and Heavens:
“Vengeance, sweet vengeance and nothing more
Will bring our troubled graves to peace”
My heart bleeds for your brothers who fought by our sides
To redeem us from your diabolical grasp
But then, isn’t it said
That when the wicked are punished
The righteous get their fair share?
We therefore come with a divine mandate
Our rewards being with us
For all those years of tears cannot be written off
Like they never happened
Lo, this is the Negro agenda

P.S.   Even though i would like to think i don't have my head in the clouds on this one, i somewhat feel obliged to mention that this piece cannot be taken into full context till you read the book of the same title, whose draft still lies somewhere in the recesses of my mind. So please, lest you feel compelled to start a racial cleansing after reading this, please consider yourself officially ostracized.
Tha Watcha... 


Asala Tolulope said...

Good write up. Since we can't really comment till we read thru d complete piece in the recesses of your mind, my lips (or fingers) are sealed! Thumbs up tho

Anonymous said...

Good piece.waiting 4 d complete piece

watcha said...

*Blushing* Thanks peops!

Anonymous said...

Typically you...... *thumbs up*