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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

     I wrote this one on the 8th of Dec. 8 Christmases ago when i stumbled on a song by Celine Dion of the same title. In the spirit of the season, Ive dug it out of my archives and decided to share.
Merry Christmas to you!!!

Christmas Eve
It was the day before the angels celebrated
but it was not on the 24th
It was that instance when I saw Jesus
the moment salvation I got
It was the hour before my second birth
when he wiped away my tears
it was the minute before he placed me over death
and rolled away my fears.

It was the month before all things seemed beautiful
but must I say it was not November?
It was the tick before the doctor came out
and joint me in shouting halleluyah
because the tests which yesterday revealed a tumour
from today I’ll see no more
hence that monster that always made me scream
has become just another bad dream.

It was the day before Christmas
yeah right, it damn wasn’t 24th
it was that split second before I saw you
the moment your eye I caught
Just like Jesus Christ came to the world
your appeared to set me free
that’s why I refer to that day as Christmas Eve
the second before you were born to me.

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