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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roses and Arrows

     Strangely enough, while the average person stereotypes the poet as someone who writes about love, I must confess that I have just a handful of those. Nonetheless, in commemoration of the season, I've exhumed one of such from the craters of my archives. I wrote this several years ago while listening to the 'Weekly top 40', a chart show hosted by the witty Rick Dees. That day, 'Lips of an Angel' by the American rock group, 'Hinder' was atop the chart. In Rick's usual fashion, he then proceeded to mention other songs over the years with references to the word 'angel' which had gone on to top US charts.
     What if I told you that you could win a thousand Naira recharge card of any network right now?! All you'd have to do is compile a list of these songs (one is hidden in each stanza of this piece), mention the artist that sang it, and the year it rocked the chart and send same to
     Pretty cool huh? If not for the money, simply do it for the love! Cheers!

Roses and arrows

Eyes of an angel
smiling beautifully like diamonds
staring at me like I was under arrest
for refusing to fall in love.

How do I talk to this angel?
who has stolen all my senses
and tell her my love runs deeper than the distance
between heaven and hell.

Aren’t these the lips of an angel
like a true worthy messenger of cupid
spilling kisses on me
as quickly as bullets from a machine gun.

Undercover angel
sent to imprison my heart
in pure love
I love you, my angel


As you celebrate Valentine today, here is wishing you the strength to love not just on days like this, but everyday; not just in words but in deeds; not only when it's convenient but also when it hurts like hell; and not just to friends and family but also perfect strangers. Ciao!

Tha Watcha

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