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Monday, April 21, 2014

Song Review: "Lai Lai" by Tweezy {Tha Bohemian}

“LAI LAI” music review

“…It could be hard to believe. Probably even harder to achieve; just open your mind and then you’d see there’s a miracle inside of you…”

Every once in a while, a master of the art of music comes upon an epiphany and is inspired with a new tune. Every once in a while heartfelt lyrics hit just the right chords and a new classic is birthed. Every now and then, a song like this brand new number, “Lai Lai” blesses our eardrums.
Fresh outta tha ovens of Shockwaves Entertainment, “Lai Lai” is the 3rd official single of an artist that is gradually creeping into the minds of R n B impresarios in Naija as the next wonder kid: “Tweezy {Tha Bohemian}. He draws from his personal life experiences as he pours out his soul on this new joint which was produced by the musical chef himself, Doktor Rex. “Lai Lai” tells the story of broken dreams, a bulwark of frustration and the drive to keep on moving on nevertheless. The melody hits you first, the words sink in, and then the soulful delivery makes you want to jump out of your seat to do that one thing everybody has told you was impossible.
First was the love tune “More than Ever”, next came the especially enjoyable “As E dey Go”; Now “Lai Lai {ObaNoDeyGoTransfer}” confirms Tweezy’s chest of musicality as the gift that keeps on giving.
Kindly click on the link below to download the song, and as you share with friends be reminded that there’s no limit to what you can do. Cheers!


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