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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Song Review: "Ogara" by Misty Breezy

     Ogara is the top notch brand new single by Misty Breezy, born Ifeoluwa Awelewa. He is one of those rare breeds with an innate ability to entertain. Originally from Ekiti, Nigeria, he now lives in London, United Kingdom. He discovered his affinity for music during his university years and has since done lots of songs underground with a lot of artistes in Nigeria and United Kingdom. Like everything else he does, his immeasurable desire to succeed shines forth in his music syllable for syllable, snare for snare.
His style of music varies: slow, mid-tempo tunes infused with African flavor, rooted in the great and rapidly evolving Afro Pop genre.

Mr. Gorgeous, Mr. Jovial Misty Breezy is a born entertainer with a special 'thang' for dem ladies and party marshals. Ogara's incredibly superb beat was produced by Scope Nero before being blessed by the delivery of Misty Breezy.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to be amazed?
Click away on the links below to download the song and follow the You tube link below to watch its spectacular video.
Not many valentine gifts come better packaged. Happy Vals!

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