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Thursday, May 6, 2010

New buzz in my ears...

Ive recently procured the albums of Mode nine (Davinci mode), Omawumi (Wonder woman), and Eldee (Is it your money?) and have pretty much had a listening party along with some of my fellow music heads (shout out Cheyne stokes, Eldav and Adugba!!!)
I respect the fact that modenine tried to bring a bit more of rhythm into his album by getting guys like Tu face and YQ to handle some of his hooks and think he's finally getting the hang of the naija music scene, yet i can hardly say he sold out cuz he still stuck to his guns on how a hip hop album should sound...Cool! Maybe he's not an MI and never will be but maybe there is really no room for comparison, and any way one of the first things he asked for when he started this game was some 'elbow room'...
Omawumi, i must say has done a good job, and has even got me thinking that maybe the ladies do make better party jamz (Terry, hope u're listening) A friend however commented that maybe she should do some real poetic stuff like Lami. Hmm... well, maybe next album. So what can I say, go get 'em gal, afterall, ure the wonder gal!
Eldee as usual has kept both sides of his 'i'm a Yoruba boy who knows how to groove' and his 'I've bin doing this hip hop thing for a while" style. Someone however mentioned the way he seems to continually ruminate over the ideas of 'is it your money?' and 'Bigboi' themes...You know what they say, never disband the winning team!

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