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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A letter to the Jagged one

Dear Mr. Jags,
It is with great pleasure that I write you this letter. I felt like Bill Gates must feel each time he looks at his statement of account when I placed my earphones where they belonged to begin a journey into the world of your LP. I must say, you obviously put in a lot of work in making this album and it seemed apparent that you were wary of the demands of the Nigerian music market.
I would get to the cut immediately. I'm sorry Jags, but M was only being polite when he said you were the greatest, cos between both of you...I'm afraid he is. Don't feel bad I'm saying this, cos the greatest producers aren't always the best of artists (Timbaland, Pharrell, P.diddy...should i continue?) and truth is, you're one hell of a producer...One more thing, these aren't just my views but that of a lot of folks i spoke to.
So till your next album, keep on jagging up your trades...
From a diehard fan of Naija


Person said...

Haba! Na fight? Why una no go just leave person alone. Na by force make una compare everybody. Abeg leave Jesse, na my guy oh!!

Chinedu said...

I think i agree with you. MI is definitely a better lyricist compared to Jesse. Still, I think Jesse has a lot to offer and he is one producer i have my eyes on