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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The night has decided to be loud tonight
and has employed ten thousand battalions of crickets
to sing unmelodious national anthems.
One loud shrill pierces thru’ the night’s thick coats
and we know an unfortunate soul’s breath
has been snuffed out
by some hardened night crawlers.
One last muster of strength, one last minute silent prayer
one last peep at the dark cold world
and one more ghost has slipped
out of its erstwhile living shells
       still the night roves on
enveloping the world with even thicker furs.
   One lil’ child pulls a blanket over his darting eyes
as his mum closes off his lonely dark room
to the rest of the cold dark world.
Now the lil’ child peeps into the deep
at those dancing shadows
and wondes if ‘they’ have come,
till that subconscious boat takes him to the morning.
   Some darkened creatures that have been set apart
for a set time,
pick up their laws-defying transporters.
A couple of incantations spill out like black oil
and ‘these ones’ begin to move like the cries of the night
from unsearchable crevices to incredible dark holes
                            they converge
for veiled evil talks on evil things they’ll do tomorrow.
Woe to him who crosses their path
and holdeth not some strong shield
for to ‘these ones’, “night is might”
                            So they strike!
and another ‘superstitious’ story has been formed.

Yet the night doesn’t mind

For it knows of course, that it isn’t without cause
It takes solace in the sight
of some blue chip executive
tucking his over-indulged pot-belly into bed
to rest his worn out self.
The night takes solace
in seeing some tired school children
slumping tiredly into their beds to rest
after tiring home assignments
 As the plants replenish their barns of energy.
On these ones, the night bestows its cloak of serenity
and soothes them with agreeable weathers,
till they are refreshed for the day.
   Now, night and light tug at timelines
till the early lights of the day come out to play
and night knows its time has come
so it bows out solemnly
knowing for certain it’ll be back again.
   Yea, very soon, again.

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