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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Song Review- Kitchen Street by Sauce Kid feat Vector

         This track was released a couple of weeks ago and since its release the track has fared well both online and on-air. It’s also a semi-controversial track as it has since attracted a diss reply by Reminisce to a particular verse on the track on a supposed jibe line by Vector.
        The song was delivered on a Gray Jones produced beat which caught Vector and Sauce Kid both at the top of their flow spitting game. They threw punches sporadically like bullets from a sub-machine gun.  After the release of his debut album, African American, coupled with a mix tape Daripoff which also received positive reactions from Naija Hip-hop Heads, Saucekid has since held his own ground among elite Nigerian Rappers.
       Sauce Kid as usual said a thing about his daughter as he did on his previous joint off the Daripoff mix tape on “What do I do” with continuous lines from the first verse on, precisely from the fourth line to the fifth, where he also rapped about how he balled with hoes and boasted about his vast rap skills with lines like: “I am a terrorist behind bars-Guantanamo.” He also let on about his daughter saying: “Even though she lives with her mom, she still miss her daddy though”.
       Lyrical punches were thrown on the track as both rappers did well on their verses. Vector was at his most cocky, and did a hideous jibe(Intentional or not? You be the judge) on a fellow rapper Reminisce AKA ota lenu… in a preamble line where he said: “ For all those boys wey dey show, ti e ba fe maa form bii pee yin lata ani tomato to mato” which translates to: All you guys that think you are the chili pepper, we have enough tomato that could reduce your effect (If you’ve not been doing much cooking, you just might not get that, so ask your sister…*grins*) Reminisce apparently didn’t take it lightly and thus replied immediately with a warning which we just might discuss in subsequent reviews.
     Vector didn’t disappoint his fans as he spilled catchy wordplays and punch lines leaving the mind of the average rap listener spinning to decode ‘em while he moved on to the next lines. He said: “Vec is a beast and Sauce is an animal, look where we at now, you seeing zoo”,( Sinzu is Sauce kid’s acronym) and a subsequent line which goes thus: “ I go Hard on this Rappers semen no Fujitsu”(Fujitsu is the manufacturer of Siemen gadgets) so we take it that in this context he meant Spermatozoa. Smart!
     Just when you thought these guys were running out of punchlines as they neared the end of the second verse, sauce kid did one number on us; He said that when he said he raised the bar of rapping he really was being honest while when he said he was the best, he was just being modest! I swear, if you thought hip hop was dead, have no fear, these guys just dropped the medication!

     Download the song via this link:

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Tweezy tha bohemian said...

Not a bad joint; vector did well, but shud work on his excessive use of metaphors on a track, its gettin kinda corny if u ask me; sauce kid's delivery? Top notch! (dude delivers on d beat lyk a midwife!). And oh, reminisce shud get a life! A gud joint. 8/10.

Thoth the Wordsmith said...

New music by Teeto Ceemos he featured Nayo title is Glory currently checking it out.

Samir said...

Watchas checkout this young rapper his name is juzt courage.

Anonymous said...

Can u pls send me a link to his song if online, or beta still, have u eva tried writing? *lol* maybe u can send in ur review instead