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Monday, April 2, 2012


    After months of waiting for this highly anticipated single, M.I. finally dropped it like it was hot giving his fans something new to talk about. This track is a rendition of Lil Wayne’s first single off the Carter IV album, 6foot 7foot where he featured Corey Gunz.
Before the release M.I. had earlier stated that Phenom murdered him on the microphone while they were both recording the track. Trust MI to be hot as lava as usual. He served red hot bars fresh outta tha oven.
This M.I. track is perhaps one of his best after the release of his: Talk About It album which later rose to be Naija’s best rap album till this moment.  That album was followed by Illegal Music series I then his commercial Hip-hop Album M.I 2(some friends of mine argue that it’s one of the best albums released in 2010.) and then his critically acclaimed Illegal Music series II which is yet to be released.
Personally I think the Mic Inspector wasn’t necessarily at the apex of his flow, but he still proves to us that he’s the best emcee in the game when it comes to Naija rap, maybe even African hip hop. He delivered with the right blend of cockiness and confidence we have come to love about him, dropping the first two verses before the spectacular Phenom stepped into the booth to do what he does…beat homicide!
MI probably made a mistake in the second line after the introductory verse when he said: “I’m killing everything am on, I guess am suicidal” Unfortunately, being suicidal means you want to kill yourself, maybe Homicidal would have been a better fit. Similes and metaphors were used creatively and his word play also came good, on a particular line in verse two where he compared himself with an explosive device simultaneously making a pun on Lil Wayne’s Carter IV album( note; C4 is the online abbreviation of it). In subsequent lines, he made himself clear by juxtaposing Lil Wayne’s name saying: “only Wayne is Lil”. Another sick part of the song is a particular verse where the criminal storyteller (Yeah, call him John Grisham) portrayed himself as a thief in an awesomely creative way: “…and really M could still flow like I took Adenuga’s company ‘cos I steal glo” He also said Niggas puffing, they think they’re big so he hit ‘em up!…pure mastery.
It was more of a punch line competition between M.I. and Phenom(another budding pun king) which Hip-Hop heads are now putting in a vis-à-vis state with Mr. Incredible. Some hip-hop heads argue that M.I’s verses supersede that of Phenom but I leave that for you to judge in the comments section.
“I know you’re broke, but pls pay attention!” Phenom came good on the Mic as well, but perhaps he’s raised the bar too high for himself from his: rap overkill, Hard and Omo Naija tune. Phenom is not the storytelling kind of rapper. Probably more of a wordplay virtuoso: “I never back down, because am not a fan of Gidigbo” For y’all ajebos who didn’t grow up in the hood, “Gidigbo” is a form of indigenous wrestling between two fighters in which both fighters struggle to get the back of his opponent on the ground.
I think it was an incredible combo and look forward to more joint works from the two lyrical geniuses. Whaddaya think? We’d love to see your comments (If you don’t have any of the requested accounts, you can click on the anonymous tab to drop your comment and put ur name below it) Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

Me think there's something wrong with their delivery they kinda flopped with their slow delivery, you got a hand on the original song?