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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Brother Song Review

Kahli Abdu- Little Brother Song Review

     The first time I heard about Kahli was when I went to Ilorin for an exam, when a couple of dudes were arguing about him being the next best thing to happen to Naija hiphop when he released his Socially conscious Mixtape, Ministry of Corruption(MOC).
The theme of the track is basically a narration of Kahli’s relationship with the Chocboys.  It is an epitome of pure story telling which many would agree is an impressive piece from him. The track is off Kahli’s The Bandits Mixtape which he is about to release alongside talented producer Kid Konnect.
He is currently signed  to Republiq records, and on this track discusses how his relationship with his brothers was threatened due to some altercations they had on account of a single he was to have featured on. Khali showed he also had a knack for puns, delivering words and rhyme patterns with absolute dexterity. On a certain verse, he said: “This is house cleaning, ama put tha laundry out” Those words on first contact seem simple, but my impression is that he used them figuratively to mean that there’s been some outside influence on their relationship, and all he’s tryin’ to do is to put things back in place to the way they used to be. In subsequent lines he said:  “Brothers had to make it rain to allow the grass to grow, but too many snakes around, my brother has to know” re enforcing Kahli’s warning to MI to beware of the people around him.
Indeed, Kahli has really created a very distinctive voice for himself, and his lyrically ability has been creatively displayed in his works, Ministry of Corruption, the Rebel Friday and his yet to be released Mixtape, The Bandits.
Naturally, this track has already kicked up some controversy about it being a Diss track aimed at MI by numerous blogs and sites, but Kahli tried to come out clearly on the song sayin’: “On the internet they said I dissed the man am just laughing at them” he emphasized on the fact that he got no problems with his brother and actually went on to say his brother is a wizard. He also reiterates the fact that they still spend some time together even though his brother is always busy.
Also, he talked about how he was encouraged by MI to do music during their presumed good-old days as he stated: “Don’t single yourself out just give them a single” but the feasibility of making tracks was very low then because he had to manage his business.
There is a similarity between this song and Kanye’s  Big Brother. Indeed, the second verse showed how crestfallen he was when he was meant to feature on a particular track on MI’s album MI 2, but was not given any credit. “That’s not just ok”, he whined. Instead, he got featured on no one curse a track off MI’s Illegal Music 2 mix tape. He went on to say that despite being bullied, he had no other choice than to bow.
All in all, this was a decent effort by Kahli and we definitely look forward to listening to more of his works. It is also a definite show of creativity when real life events can be transformed into musical masterpieces and turn out to be listenable. Good one bro!

This was another classic by THots Tha Wordsmith
Edited by Tha Watcha

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Anonymous said...

Just a few correctn boss. No one curse was billed on MI2 nt IM2 bt didnt make d final cut 4d album eventho bin a great song. And d song bio did nt mentn anytin bout khali abdu which is y he said dats a foul but big broda said how. D song dey did 2geda dt was billed 4IM2 is d love,sex story joint. Tank u. Nice review anyway

Nauteeq said...

Thanks for your comment Brother, we are gonna make some modification on it. Thanks.