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Thursday, April 12, 2012



I took a journey today
Into the depths of the deep
Spiralled down concentric whorls
Darker than black holes
Reached depths Sigmund Freud spent his life
Dreaming about, trying to grasp
This trip was into me.
At the bottom of beneath
I saw bricks, all layered differently
With different colours of incredible shades
That spit mockingly at the rainbow
Alas! My bulls bowed their horns
As libidinal life energies died in one single pause
Because I did not see what I was looking for.
There were no patterns, no underlying order
No basics….
So I had to take my leave
Back to the without of underneath.
The nostalgic feeling of Lot’s wife
However took the better part of me
As I paused to listen to the ripples within
My face lit! Eureka! I have found it!
The colours were the link
For although of different shades, all the bricks were colourful
So I realized what I was
Bright, beautiful and dynamic
Unbridled like the horses of the wild
A free soul not bounded
By the Kirikiri chains of convention, principles and preferences
Yet beneath all these was love
I was colourful…
I left my cores thinking and saying to myself
“The mind after all, is a beautiful thing”


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