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Saturday, August 11, 2012


                                ALBUM REVIEW: MAGNITO - FRESHOUT
De Klientele’s ace rapper  Magnito released his debut album after much anticipation trailing it’s release due to the impressive debut single; “Medicine Girl".  Fresh out is not a bad debut for Magnito even though it lacked the conscientious effort of a real rap album, nonetheless he at least gave listeners something to talk about.
Fresh Out Features a wide range of wordplay sampling with concentrated identical rhythmic pattern. He nurtured all his lines along a boring monosyllabic rhyme scheme which made it almost nursery at times. The lack of creativity in this work really dents his ability on the mic as he rhymes his bars on clearly sub-par beats even where the likes of Ty mix, Sam Klef were on. They all seemed like they lost their magic touch to light up songs.
“M.A.G.N.I.T.O” sees him dropping bars with clear intent and high morale, but the lack of conceptual compactness is displayed with the hook delivered like a song intended for a limited audience and not the typical Heterogeneous audience thereby undermining its quality.
Usually, whenever the host artist seems unfit to drop mind blowing bars on songs, the posse cuts are known to save the songs , but all the posse cuts seem to add to the mediocre value of Fresh Out. “medicine girl” is a topical narrative where Magnito drops his presumed heaviest lines on Fresh Out as he narrates his ordeal with a girl with witty lines like;”I took her to a bar where we could Paul play she started rushing me she said I don’t wanna stay” “now take me to a place where they don’t play hip hop only Don Jazzy, Jazz Eh?  I know the right spot, but finish your bailey it is only two shot”.

Selection of topics to rap about is really not a problem for him as fresh out entails numerous discussion points ranging mostly on relationship and club-oriented rhythms, and on “Hustle” he tried some inspirational lines as he alongside Duncan Mighty talks about their hustles and struggles in life trying to portray a never say die theme while conveying it with a catchy hook that was sung by Port Harcourt’s Finest Duncan Mighty even though he didn’t deliver it with the powerful and enthusiastic flair he is known for.
The conceptual deprivation on Fresh Out is really drastic on “Medicine girl the remix” where he featured Goldie  and FEMI on a revamped DJ edited fast paced beat which is nowhere near the near-perfect original version, Goldie seems lost on the beat and FEMI was basically unheard. Magnito is however creative with his wordplays on “M.A.G.N.I.T.O”, “Medicine Girl” and “TV Girl”, but his lack of ear in the selection of good beats to spit on and his poor hook delivery seem to be his greatest impediment.
Hopefully with his efforts on Fresh out one can expect a much better flow in his next album, as he should have noticed that his style on Fresh Out is vague and out-dated owing to the metamorphosis of the industry and also the number of quality songs being released by artists today.

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