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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Introducing... TWEEZY (Tha Bohemian)

Introducing... TWEEZY (Tha Bohemian)
‘Tweezy Tha Bohemian’ whose real name is Emmanuel Iruoje, hails from Edo state, Nigeria. He spent his prepubescent years in Lagos, grew up mostly in Kaduna State where he attended Command Secondary school and then got a B.Sc in Physiology from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. He served the country in the Abaga’s home state of Taraba. He can be that cool, smooth dude with a calm demeanor and shy exterior and can also be that chatty guy with an exuberance and enthusiasm that is sometimes unsettling- yeah, our very own Dr. Bruce Banner.
                Musically, he’s a passionate beast. An artist that is very much at ease with his craft, a remarkable singer with a husky voice that can arrest ears and capture hearts. A prodigiously talented song writer with catalogues of songs in his bag, Tweezy has been doing Music for close to a decade. While in the tertiary institution, he was part of a group called K-Force, an interdenominational gospel hip-hop group with whom he performed at different shows, awards and dinners.
He is an incredibly versatile artist and can make music of different genres ranging from R&B (which by the way will be his 1st pick of the bunch), soul, pop, Nigerian and even Hip Hop. His versatility is matched only by his musical taste and influence. He is a lover of good music and listens to all forms of music but artists like India Arie, R. Kelly, Musiq, Soul Child, Guru, Gangstarr, Lyfe Jennings, Modenine, Alicia Keys, Nas, Angie Stone, Banky W and M.I have had a far greater influence on him.
He is a knowledgeable, clever and very mature individual and puts all of this in his music. Consequently, his intellectual depth and maturity separates him from the regular, everyday artist you’ve most likely listened to thus far. Get ready to be wowed!

It has been a long and hard road to getting his songs out but no matter how long or painful it is, a stammerer will eventually pronounce his own name. Some birds are just too beautiful to be caged; they must spread their wing soar. Tweezy intends to soar to dizzying heights. He intends to leave an indelible print on the entertainment industry, to be the moon that shines for the public and the sun that cannot be eclipsed.
‘More than Ever” is a mellow and captivating love song produced by Mystro (the musical maestro) that’s bound to get to your musical bones, if you’ve got one, that is. It will either make you take your relationship serious or wish you had a serious relationship. Feel free to download below, listen, leave a comment, and share.


Anonymous said...

Nice track...lovely voice...

Tha Watcha said...

On behalf of Tweezy, "Oooooosshhheee!!"

shigzy said...

Tweeezy rocks!

Anonymous said...

tweezy is not SHY!!!! #okBYe

Anonymous said...

Cool music, proud of u dude *wink*

watcha said...

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Also, if you decide to post as anonymous, you can write your name unda your comment, except of course, you're on some real #FBI tinz. Oooossshheee!

Anonymous said...

♍Ƹ likey!!!tis kul......tis on point