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Saturday, September 29, 2012



Smoke curled out the barrel of her gun and slowly up his gold plated
ceiling, it made a halo effect around the brightly lit thousand dollar
chandelier and left the smell of burning steel. Blood mixed brain
juice trickled out of hole in Mark’s skull. His face was mixed with
expressions of fear and euphoria he just gained from one great sexual experience.
    Cindy just killed another man, she felt terrible but her dying conscience isn’t ready to give way to her growing hatred and vengeance.
“pigs” she murmured. She remembers how it all started, she was 17, her
body just beginning to gain d form she craved for years. She now can
gain d boys’ attention and have it at the snap of her fingers. Her
parents were out and she was hanging with friends when her dad called
asking her to go home, her uncle was on his way.
    She raced home excited because he was her favorite, getting home
barely 30min before she heard d doorbell, she went straight for d
doorknob without looking through d peephole, but instead of the warm
hug of her uncle she was welcomed by the cold steel of a gun on her
forehead, she froze and just seconds before she passed out her uncle
came out of the corner smiling
    “I’ve always told you, never open till you’re sure it’s safe”
    She ran into his arms holding him tight not sure if it’s due to joy
of seeing him or relieve from the fear that had so overcome her
    “Uncle Ben you could have killed me there you know?” she said with a big sigh
    He laughed and fastened his gun as she led the way in.
    “Please keep your gun away you know I hate the sight of it”
    “Why? This baby here is man’s best friend”
    “Best friend?” she scoffed “you leave it in your car; here you have
just one best friend ME!”

    “With so much cash on me I better leave it under my nose”
    “So much?” She cried eyeing his silver suitcase “how much is so much?”
“$50,000” He smiled “I just finished the deal on old man Johnson’s
apartment”… “Turns out he left quite a fortune behind”
“That big house down the street? Just 50,000?”
“No that’s my cut, his sons had 200,000 and the lawyer had 25 000”
“Wow!” she exclaimed
    “And you my dear are a proud owner of a thousand dollar and this dress”
    “OMG!” She screamed
    “That’s why you’re the best” she said running straight to her room.
    “Cute kid” Ben thought, it took all the sanity in him to not notice
her fully formed breasts and rounded hips. He felt a movement in his shorts. “no this can’t be happening” 5 years after his wife’s death and not a single woman has aroused him a single bit, he tried to wipe the thoughts off his mind but he’s tempted to take a peek through her opened door, it was too late his other head was doing the thinking, he found himself standing behind her.
    Cindy was trying her new dress on, she stood naked for a while admiring herself till she noticed a movement behind her, she turned and there was a her uncle, 5ft11 standing right above her with what looked like a boner, She always wanted to have this effect on guys but definitely not her uncle, she cowered and he moved closer, he looked like he’s possessed eyes wide n breathing loud, he held her against the wall with one hand and whispered into her ears, fondling with his short zippers. She tried to scream but her voice failed her, she tried to fight but she wasn’t worth a hundredth of his strength.
    Ben felt terrible, the sobs of the poor girls he just had his way with dint make it any better, he felt like hanging himself, he was devastated. Like a moment of clarity Cindy sighted his gun lying underneath his shirt on the floor “man’s best friend…the only friend I have and will ever have” and without thinking she picked it up with wet eyes, bloody thighs and shaky hands
    “uncle Ben! rot in hell” she said with a thousand degrees burning anger raging through her blood shot eyes …the last thing he heard was a bang
    Minutes after she cleaned off and left a note, she stepped out the
back door picking up the suitcase

    Cindy was called back to life by the flashes from the 40” Samsung LCD TV in Mark’s room, she has been lost in her thought and had lost track of time, she could hear the sound of the sirens in a distance, a neighbor must have heard the gunshots… ten years later, ten rich men have died, paid for her uncle’s wickedness, it’s becoming a misery for the police… She steped out the back door with a wicked smile wiped across her face
        “catch me if you can…” she breathed

P.S: The above entry was 1st runner up in the recently concluded writing competition: 'Tha Watcha's Pen Principal'. It was sent in by Onaope Akingbade. Hope you liked it.
Consider this an encouragement to you to continue to read something new everyday. I believe it definitely helps you speak more clearly: 454435842410175  *winks*
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meeeee said...

great plot. Loved the way the writer began the piece. However, I think the part where he wrote ''ten years later, ten rich men have died, paid for her uncle's wickedness'' was out of place and unneccessary. Other than that, it was a good one.