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Wednesday, October 3, 2012



     First of all, i must sound this warning that if you're below 18 years of age then this piece isnt for you. Move your cursor to the spot marked x on this web tab or close the browser altogether so some over efficient history script doesnt bring this page up again. 
Somehow though, i get the feeling that this little warning has done nothing but pique your curiousity even more. The adrenaline has just gushed into your veins in torrents from your adrenal glands and you suddenly realise you're reading at twice your normal pace. But why is this so? Maybe it's because of the Hyde on the innards of each of us constantly battling to be set loose, or the result of an eternal battle between our Super Egos and ID-core components of our psyche, or maybe it's just the consequence of the damn apple that Eve couldnt help but eat...
   Well, whatever it is, perchance you'd understand my imminent surprise when my friend of donkey years suddenly resurfaced on the internet as the insanely ribald Pervrocker. As I once wrote in my book of quotes: "Assumption is the mother of all mistakes". perhaps we shouldnt jump to conclusions till we hear the neigh of the horse itself. Ladies and gentlemen, what follows is the first ever official interview with the Pervrocker:

     My name is olaolu Ladeinde, I was born in Lagos Island, I have an older sister and brother. I grew up in Victoria Island, and went to Airforce  Primary school Victoria island. I also attended African Church college Ifako, Ijaiye for high school, after which I went for my A level at D IVY college, Ikeja Lagos. I am now studying Business Management with a concentration in Marketing at the American University of Nigeria and in my final year. I have always had an interest in music listening to Rock Artistes like Aerosmith, u2, R.E.M, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John , Micheal Jackson, Rolling stones and Prince from a very young age.  I would say I grew up influenced also by my mum’s love for country music like Kenny Rogers and Don Williams. I grew up in a very music influenced environment, my both parents loved music and it has had an impact in my upbringing.

The Pervrocker to be me is a social experiment, I wanted to challenge the idea of secrecy a lot of people had in their minds when it comes to sex and sex related issues. I decided to talk about it in a funny, entertaining  and also at the same time in an  informative way. Now it has over 4,100 followers with includes Don Jazzy, D Prince, Jay Mavin, Praiz, and Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar amongst other celebrities. It also has over 13,000 searches on Google, and several blogs written about it.
My first single was called WHY SHOULD I it was a pop,rock record and it features a rapper I met in college called TYCOON, who has also worked with MI. I plan to keep doing good music and experiment a lot, I am presently working with electronic, eurodance, nu disco kinda sound. My new single Cosmic Love was greatly influenced by those genres. I hope to bring something different and Unique to the Nigerian Music scene. I also hope to stay true to myself and do music that I enjoy and hope everyone loves too.
The project I am working on right now is putting together a good Album and making sure I use the right channels to take it to the heights I need it to be. 
          I love what I do and I would like to continue working hard and working with incredibly talented people to give the world an incredible Album.
Follow the Pervrocker on twitter @pervrocker (Be warned though, his tweets are not for the prude. lol)

Alright folks, there you have it. Click on the link below to download 'Cosmic Love', with its soft lyrics and awesome techno beat which even David Guetta would be proud of. Ciao!

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