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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mix tape Review; Boogey – ART-ificial Intelligence

Mix tape Review; Boogey – ART-ificial Intelligence
Unlike Rick Ross on a duet with Andre 3000 where both of them completely ran amok with viral individual opinions on why orthodox sixteen bars tradition wasn’t enough to completely let out their minds, and thus extended the song to an unusual duration of eight minutes! For Boogey, an eight-bars opportunity on Illegal Music II sufficed for him to capture the fans’ attention.
Perhaps the most pronounced up and coming rapper at the moment, Boogey was on other notable mix-tapes and singles including: Tha Rapman’s World Domination II, Mode Nine’s Occupy the Throne and AQ’s Machine Gun Flow. While these achievements might look like he has inadvertently raised the bar too high for himself, regardless he never failed to deliver when called upon. Very crisp and complex, the mix tape “Art-ificial Intelligence”, comprises of a frank aggressive rap coupled with humorous wordplays and nimble delivery along with an introspective storytelling.
Art-ificial Intelligence maintained the aggressive and fast pace delivery style of Boogey which elucidates the promptness of Mr. Brain to capture the industry with the a self-appraisal narrative on “The Fifth Horseman” to the gruffly titled “Arrogance” which lacks the cohesion intended on it. On the other hand “I Killed ‘em”, a rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s Rigor Mortis, being the supposed anti-thesis of the Ray X produced “Arrogance” illustrates the violence inciting rhymes of Boogey with lines such as:

I’m Jason without the mask/I’m taking ‘em out, they’re trash/I’m dangerous to the people/my place is Alcatraz/I’m an alien saucer from space that’s about to crash/I’m stack of hay you set ablaze in a house of wax”.

He found his sense of humour on “Judge Me” with a novel and descriptive storytelling making unrestricted transitional flows with a Damilola complemented hook as well as the sarcastic “I’m Wack”. Somehow, he managed to manoeuvre away from unnecessary disorderly bars with a metaphorical flow and fused semi-conscious narration on “Listen”.

“major skills but majority will never (listen)/I’m bringing back the classic getting niggas reminiscent/the kids emulating what they see on television/and nobody missing reality even when it’s missing/the youth runaway from truth to convenience”.

The numerous biblical and movie references on Art-ificial Intelligence made it a multi-dimensional effort with samples from; Small Ville XV, and Matrix, and various bars referring to scenes of movies such as:
“I’m quicker than a mixture of quick draw Mcgraw and Sonic/I wish y’all would call it fronting/last warning/I’m transforming/dodging silver bullets”.

The skill with which he executed this project might help him build a long standing career, the fact that he is gradually becoming an omnipresent rapper with numerous appearances and pseudo-appearances on songs to his credit is a remarkable achievement for him such that Naija hip hop heads are already wondering:
‘Is he the next big thing to happen to hip hop in Nigeria?’
Well… for that, we’d have to wait for the famous tattler, Mr Time, ‘cos once more,
 “Only time will tell’.

Thots tha Wordsmith
Tha Watcha 


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