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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kiki's poem: "Nigeria"

     This piece was sent in by Kiki Ope Buraimoh, a 15 year old lad who is currently an SS1 student of Tender Touch Secondary School, Festac, Lagos. Thought-provoking and birthed from pent up anger, this is Nigeria in the eyes of one more angry teenager...


Nigeria the country of unease
Where people are suffering all around like cows and geese
I wonder when it would start to ponder
But I guess Gods voice is as strong as thunder
Everything involves politics nd embezzlement
When we should be focusing on d country's improvement
Nigeria my country blessed with resources
But even the hospitals have no nurses
High prostitution and much crime rates
That even armed robbers are now head of states
Nigeria my country the country with gold
I just called Jonathan and he kept me on hold
Nigeria my country blessed with resources
Boko haram every where even in the churches
Bad politicians and bad presidents
Pilling up big big monies in their own residents
When I grow up I wana be the one
To lead my country forward and see what we become
Bad electricity and even bore hole
God judge them for what they stole

Kiki-ope Buraimoh

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I do this cos' i believe there is a giant on the insides of each of's time to let yours out.

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