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Friday, December 7, 2012

"As E dey Go" by Tweezy (Tha Bohemian)

"As E dey Go" by Tweezy (Tha Bohemian)   

      Guess what Gospel (Producer of Davido's 'All of you') said to Tweezy after they worked on 'As E dey go'?
      He said "Hope you realise you've just recorded a hit?"
     After listening to the song about a hundred times back to back on receiving it, I'm under the astute impression that Gospel is a really sincere guy.
     From the stables of Shockwaves Entertainment, 'As e dey go' is Tweezy's second official single, sequel to 'More than ever' which blew up the blogosphere with mad and exciting reviews (Word has it that the video to that song is already in post production). 'As e dey go' is a harmonious merger  between simple but tasteful lyrics by a singer who i daresay knows his craft, a quick-tempo, feel good beat, and the awesome production skills of one of the finest in the game. Ladies and gents; Please brace yourself...It is clear we've got another classic on our hands!

To read Tweezy's complete bio, please follow this link:    

 Introducing Tweezy (Tha Bohemian)

To download his new hit single, 'As e dey go', please follow this link:


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