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Monday, December 3, 2012

FLOWERS FOR YOU by Segun 'Owcee' Israel

     Before we rummage into this piece proper and swing by its poetic tendrils as real literati should, i think it might interest you to know how i came about this poem, or more aptly, writer. It might surprise you to know that Segun was my bunkie some 10 - 12 years ago in Federal Government College Lagos. He sent me a Facebook message a couple of months back asking if i remember the poem i wrote for him while we were just some bloody Jajarians in check blue shirts and brown Nylon trousers. Paranoid homophobics, keep calm. God forbid that i should write a love poem for a 3 legged creature like myself. If i remember correctly, there was this chick he was trying to 'toast' and he felt a poem might just do the trick.
Naturally, i immediately asked him to send me some lines from the poem if he still had it. surprisingly, he did. When i read it i thought to myself: Hmm..Not bad, for 14 year old me. He quickly went on to add that he has done some closet writing over the years himself but wasnt even sure what to do with them. Naturally, the opportunist in me wouldn't let such info just ride on by into the sunset. After much mental arm-twisting, i finally got this one out of him. This one is strictly for the ladies... Muaah!

FLOWERS FOR YOU    by Segun 'Owcee' Israel
these roses stood alone
in faraway lands.
Lonelier than us who think we're alone,yet filled with pride.
Their beauty springs as day with no witnesses around.
I have come a long way,
back to the place i call home,
the place where you are.
I do not have much to give
but i have come with these flowers,
and with the crafts i have learnt in this long coming
i have woven a basket with the daffodils, hycinths and shamrocks of many lands.
I have bounded the roses with stripes of gold
and laid them in the little basket,
and in my weaker arm i stretch out the posy
as a fraction of my heart.
Please home if you're still coming home,
come now, come at once
Lest these flowers wither,
lest my body hungers further
for the warm embrace of ur breasts.

Shout-out to everyone else who's ever jotted down a creative line or two. Isn't it time someone other than your diary read your works? It just might surprise you how good it really is, and who knows where things would go from there. Please feel free to send same to to get published on this blog and showcased to the world.
I do this 'cos i believe there is a giant on the insides of each of us. It's high time you let yours out...

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