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Friday, December 12, 2014

Artery 'n' Vein

          Tweezy has returned once again with another timeless piece of art. The song 'Artery and vein' is a beautiful song for romance, love and life. The lyrics are top notch, the delivery is superb and the beat is the work of a producer who knows his craft. As the biology geeks will tell us, just like an artery and vein run side by side on their course to sustain life, this song is a story of two souls who are destined to be together.The song was produced by @Doctor_Rex and it follows 'Lai-Lai' and 'As e dey go' as the singles off his debut EP titled ORPHEUS TALES; OF ROSES & SCARS, which is already out on Spinlet and should be available for download here in a few days.
Download the song on hulkshare via this link:

Artery 'n' Vein

 Don't forget to support good music, you can get the other songs on Spinlet via this link:

Orpheus' Tales; Of Roses and Scars

Another Showstopper from the stables of Shockwaves Entertainment. Tell a friend to tell a friend. It is the return of good music. Ciao!

Song art designed by @GraimmyTheSOH, photography by Ademola Adeniran, and special thanks to the beautiful model couple Aisha and Krash for sharing this picture with us