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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Let us begin with the music: I must confess that this isn't the kind of album I'll queue up all night in a store to buy, but frankly, in between 'dumbing it down' with Lupe fiasco or spending '24 hours' with Switchfoot, this is just the kind of thing my ears tune up to for a change, cos the way i see it, it's all about variety. The song had the kind of message that the older generation will nod heads in agreement to. It made mockery of the 'frivolities' youths in our elders eyes make such a fuss about, blings, money and the fast life, and considering how a lot of people, including yours truly complain about how songs today compete with each other in lyrical shallowness, this is the kind of thing that will make you throw your hands up as you say, "Finally, words that have been used to say something!"

The video was funny, the way it accentuated the message of the song. It was simple, and that of course goes either way. Is this out of a reluctance to spend money on an exquisite video, or was a more sophisticated video not necessary here. Well, when it's all said and done, I think its a thumbs up for Lagbaja who has definitely carved out an uncontested niche for himself in the Naija music scene.

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Anonymous said...

i would appreciate it if you write reviews on new naija albums. i really think the naija music scene has a lot of potentials

Seun from festac