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Thursday, April 19, 2012


    Okay, so I and a couple of friends got into this Facebook rap battle thing sometime last year while my mates had their heads buried in sometimes incomprehensible medical textbooks studying. That chapter (Med school) is now closed-like the tomb of Tutankhamun, but like the curse it portends, some of the lines i put down then still play in my head from time to time like pestering earworms. Seeing how becoming a rapper isn't one of the things on my fancifully long bucket list, i felt i might as well share with you some lil' sumthin' sumthin'. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Barsville- The abode of the punchline king.

...I aint your average medic
i'm a sick rhyme writer
It's in my veins so my words aim for your heart
and Emcees worth their salt know what im all about
I do this for the kid without a hood or a hat
I do this for music lovers and so called hip hop cats
I say it cos i mean, and truth is, im in it to win it
Im d predator, d beat's the prey-I kill it!
Me nd punchlines r like an Aborigine and innuit
i just go on and on, dont give a damn if she feel it.
A pretty gud comic so me flows neva dry
So GQ mag, neva run outta style
mine is 3D, length, breadth and depth!
Aint that gorgeous, but make haters drop dead
Now if you think that was dope, (Wait for those still in my head)
Im 23 now, so i write 22 bars
reserve one lil' line for your carcass
Mo' claro than Cannavaro, dont try attack us
You're so Sahara dry, ma crew's the cactus
When dey whisper in their songs 'bout how they pass us
we knock sense in their heads, make 'em bleed out d Bacchus
Yeah, We make em bleed out d Bacchus
plus dem a lil' Crixus
we're d  rap Spartacus!

The conflict of books and music
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