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Sunday, April 22, 2012


                                                                 DAVIDO: HERE TO STAY?
Many artistes have come and gone, some have stayed in our hearts while some…., well let us just say they weren't residential materials. Lol! That said, it is important to understand that as a musician you have to constantly raise your standards so as to meet the ever spontaneous demand of your fans and your critics alike. Trends change, fashion styles evolve and even the kind of songs produced speak of times that one is in. It is based on this idea that I am going to be reviewing an artiste who is more or less ‘The new kid  on the block’.
Enter Davido, the ‘Dami Duro’ crooner. I first heard him a couple of months back in a friend’s ride and thought to myself:  ‘That ain’t half bad’. It was the song titled ‘back when’ which was the first time Nigeria took notice of the teenager. Fast forward to about three months later and Davido is the king of the charts, the young man’s Dami Duro song has become the most popular dance track in the country today. But then again I am prompted to ask the very question I asked when bigiano dropped his first joint: is this guy for real? Is he here to stay? Wizkid was a source of concern for me when he dropped his first joint and for a while i was really skeptic. But as time went on he started to live up to expectations and today the rest as the historians would like to history. Is Davido capable of towing the same line?
Davido makes the cut for the qualities of a superstar; he’s young, good looking, and by all indications-gifted. He is also reputed to be a very good producer, validated by the 'Back When' soundtrack which he produced. But then again there are many artistes out there who are as good looking and young like him, yet possess no durability with their music. Personally I think he doesn’t have an outstanding vocal ability and in terms of the songs produced, he hasn’t been versatile enough. Sauce kid’s ‘Carolina’ song in which he sang the chorus had a slower tempo and thus gave room for him to show his ability vocally and he wasn’t bad. When you put in consideration that most of the songs produced these days are dance tracks, you can’t help but sympathize with Davido vocally so I’ll give him some credit.

In terms of lyrics, the same can’t be said of him though. This is particularly highlighted in his popular dami duro song in which he barely sang. The verses were repeated and even worse, at some point in the verse he was just gibberish. We are aware of Terry g’s undoubted skill in the art of sounding gibberish and honestly speaking, I’d like to think Nigerian music is better than that. On the other hand, the young man hasn’t had too many songs so it would be too quick to assess him lyrically, but with the songs I’ve heard, methinks there is room for improvement.
The young man is only 19, and there is a whole lot more to come from him and if he can come up with more musical ingenuity like he has done so far, the sky is surely not the limit. He’s won over the hearts of many young people in the country with his dance tracks and we all can’t help but wish him well. A little adjustment here and there and who knows, Tuface’s heir apparent may have finally arrived.
But is he here to stay? Well, once more as the historians would say, only time will tell...

 Original post submitted by Tweezy tha Bohemian
Edited by Tha Watcha

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Muhammed nauteeq said...

Thumbs up Tha Bohemian, I thinks as the time goes on he is going to improve lyrically, and i noticed he did better on a certain Track> Ekuro though not outstanding sha.