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Sunday, April 15, 2012


     It is now common knowledge that Olusegun Obasanjo has parted ways with the leadership of the PDP. The burning question is why. Many people have made different kinds of analyses as to why he resigned his post yet none has been conclusive; even Obasanjo’s argument  that he resigned in order  to focus more on his international commitments has been viewed suspiciously. Known for masterminding the enthronement of yar’adua and our incumbent president, watching the events unfold makes it is difficult not to ask: what will happen to the PDP now?
     A retrospective look at Obasanjo in the political history of our nation will no doubt show you how far the former president has come. He’s reputed to be the only man to rule this country thrice; his heroics were very instrumental in bringing the Nigerian civil war to an end and in 2003 his government oversaw the very first transition from one civilian government to another (the other government was also his actually). That said, his immense value to the PDP-the party that has dominated our political scene since 1999-cannot be overemphasized, so where do they go from here?
     His position as a member of the board of trustees of his party still remains vacant and one wonders who has the wherewithal to fill it. He remains the most potent force amongst the top shots in the PDP and his absence would surely prove to be a spanner in the works for them. I’ll tell you why.
     First of all, the present PDP-led government is in a state of sixes and sevens, and throughout the length and breadth of our nation, there is a general feeling of apathy towards it. The fuel subsidy issue is a very good reminder of the thorns their government has placed in our national flesh and the never ending boko haram bomb blasts haven’t helped matters either. We have a government that reeks of corruption in its most crude form and a president who seems to get more clueless as one national problem after another unfurls. Under the current government, lives have been lost and properties worth billions of naira have been destroyed. Under the current government our outlook internationally has suffered various setbacks, especially in terms of the conduciton of free and fair elections. The list is endless and when you put the rising influence of ACN in the political scene, it wouldn’t be out of place to ask if this is the beginning of the end for the PDP.
     In addition, it is believed that there is bad blood between Obasanjo and the incumbent president. This rumour is lent some flesh when considering the alleged way he (Obj) was given a cold shoulder when he tried to assist in solving the boko haram crisis by visiting the leaders of the sect and consequently drafting a paper on how to solve the crisis. Jonathan was said to have refused to meet with him after he returned from the trip he made to Borno state and this angered him greatly. Moreover, Jonathan is said to listen to advice from other people in the PDP who are by no means as influential as Obasanjo and if you ask me, that is political hara-kiri.
    There are no great thinkers in the PDP who can maneuver the current political turmoil that it is facing presently. The new national chairman, Bamanga Tukur, is old and is not does not enjoy the goodwill of everyone in the PDP, a fact highlighted in the recent elections in which he lost in his own geo-political zone. Tony Anenih’s influence is also suspect, evidenced by the fact that his own protégé who he brought to the corridors of power in his native edo state has defected to the ACN. IBB has been rather quiet and Atiku’s political integrity continues to dwindle into oblivion.
     It appears therefore that only Obasanjo has the diplomatic balls to rally the PDP together in times such as this-some of which the present government’s poor leadership caused-and there is no doubt in my mind that his absence has dealt a big blow to the aspirations of 2015. Noteworthy though, Obasanjo remains a member of the party, but his resignation from its leadership is unmistakably not what the doctor ordered. He should be up there, pulling the strings and getting things fixed ‘the Anenih way.’ Will the PDP be able to weather the storm without his guidance? 2015 isn’t far away……  

These are the thoughts of 'Tweezy Tha Bohemian' 
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Anonymous said...

His moves has always been for his selfish reasons..jus like any other politician, d man is up to something.. N let's not forget he still has David Mark up there. the fall of PDP is gonna depend on the Sacrifices made by other parties esp CPC n ACN n I don't see that happening soon..

Nauteeq said...

Please this should be published in a National Newspaper, meanwhile i think Obasanjo has spotted PDP's downfall as a dominant political party in Nigeria after that ill-taken decision by Pres. Jonathan to remove the fuel subsidy aftermath which led to the back of Nigerians turned against the party, i am pretty sure the party wouldn't have the same effect it had in elections since 1999 come 2015, but still power of incumbency must not be ignored.