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Saturday, October 6, 2012

An Exposé on David Hunter: Mista Drag That

An Exposé on David Hunter: Mista Drag That

      "A refreshingly different hip hop rhythm... top notch production...witty wordplay, a catchy hook and classy delivery..." 
These are words that come to mind in describing 'Drag That', the fresh out single by David Hunter. But if you've listened to it, then you already know these things. What I bet you don't know is who David hunter, the ambitious and talented 17 year old youngster really is...

     My birth name is David Odefunsho. I was born april 21st 1995. I am from Lagos and reside in Lagos state. I am from a family of 3 with 2 lovely, beautiful senior sisters, and I happen to be the last child of the family. I attended Itire Nursery and Primary school at primary level, and Federal Government College Lagos at high school level. I'm currently studying engineering in University of Ilorin.
     I look forward to being a world wide sensation known to change how the game looks by blending all sorts of urban music with African sounds then putting the eyes of the world totally on African music. I also look forward to being a successful business man, investing in every bad sector in which the government has failed the citizens and I also look forward to owning the worlds biggest charity organization.
     The name David Hunter was influenced from my name and my surname being that my name is David Odefunsho; my surname actually means a hunter in English. Asides, hunting is a powerful word, it is something all humans do for as long as you live you too are a hunter. The oxford dictionary defines It as some one who searches for something, and what I hunt for is change, wealth and other good name it.
     My music is influenced by a wide genre of music and artistes including drake, jay z, don jazzy, 2 face, wiz kid, gray jon'z, banky, beyonce, ciara, lil wayne, linkin park, taylor swift, cassie, ed sheran, 2 pac, notorious B.I.G, big sean, chris brown...It is an endless list. Also, a lot of rap, hip hop, afro beats, and pop influences me. The influence behind my smashing single "drag that" was the drive to bring back originality to hip hop and the aim to make every one dance, almost everything we hear on hip hop this days is either sounding like something some one has done before or sounding wack, so dragthat was basicaly made for the 4 corners of the world to groove to.
     I met Gunaerson since high school when we were like sit partners. We used to rap a lot in class then, any free period we got was a rap period for us. And I met gray jonz through a friend who is also a rapper "esbee" and has worked with gray jonz a couple of times and we made drag that happen in few minutes
My family is actually in support of my music- they just strongly believe I should put my education first, that's why I keep A 100% focus on my studies and music, I don't cheat any of 'em.
I think what drives me is basically my passion for music. I love to make or listen to something great, you know, something 'wow' if you get what I mean and i also want to prove to everyone around the world-  other teens like me, adults and even the elderly that you can reach whatever heights u aspire to reach in life. As long as u keep dreaming big, u put God in it, you have a valid plan and passion for what ever it is,  then the even the skies would only be your starting point.
     I will love every one in the world reading this right now to be a hunter in their own fields, think of what you really want in life and hunt it down. The only reason you haven't done it is because you think you can't do it, start that change you wanna see, and with time others will follow. #Teamhunter. Join the movement,  be a hunter TODAY.
You can reach me on my face book fan page
 as david hunter

And on twitter at @davidhunter68

And on reverb nation as David Hunter 


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