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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This was the entry that came first in the just concluded writing competition, 'Tha Watcha's Pen Principal' organised on this blog. Follow this link to get an overview of the winning entries:
 This piece was sent in by Ashraff Abdulhakeem, a fresh medical graduate from the University of Ilorin. Witty and thought provoking, it is reflective of hope despite despair, joy despite desolation and optimism in the face of imminent gloom. It goes thus:


With lighted candles,
Arranged in circles,
And faces abound,
A wish they demanded.
Like a de javu, it came rushing to me.
"I have being here before."
As it were, I remembered.
Wishes I made,
Wishes I prayed and hoped for.
But wishes that never came to light.
Then my fallible soul indulged my conscience,
So it screamed,
"my head my mind,
Whichever is in charge,
I need my strenght,
To thread the mile.
My eyes my sight,
The gaze I see,
The journey I dare,
I hope to bare.
My legs my limbs,
Fatigued you may,
My plea I give,
Endure you should.
The fear I dread,
The yard I seek,
To quench my thirst,
For all it's worth."
And then my thoughts came aloud.
then my friends said
"happy birthday"
And I let out a smile,
For all its worth!.

Its been lots of fun going through the individual entries as they were each special in their own rights. But of course there could only have been three winnners. Nervertheless, over the next few weeks, I'd post some of the other entries which didn't make it to the top three.
I feel obliged to mention in passing my slight disappointment that despite the entreaties that whoever won the credit which i placed at the bottom of each of the winning entries posted should acknowledge it, no one did. That wasn't really cool. This is hoping that subsequent editions of this writing competition would be bigger with more attractive cash prizes especially when we launch our own domain name.

From the good folks of , thanks for following us on this journey, and oh; lest i forget: 4705334455164610
Please acknowledge receipt via the medium u got this link,
 *sighs in despair*
Well, for all its worth...

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