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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mixtape Review; TeeKlef – NoBeatIsSafe (NOBIS)

Mixtape Review; TeeKlef – NoBeatIsSafe (NOBIS)
For an upcoming artist, versatility would not only be a massive boost to his career, but night even be the springboard that sets him/her off to the stars. TeeKlef whose real name is Ebuka Unogu and signed to his own record label definitely doesn’t have this in short supply. In 2011, he burst into the airwaves when he came second finalist in the famed enigma competition organized for upcoming rappers by the then Mo hits boss, Don Jazzy where he brandished his singing and rapping ability.
His latest effort ‘NOBIS’ is a body of work that featured few posse-cuts, massive sound reproduction and concentrated versatility. He made the beats his own, capitalizing on these to satiate the numerous yearnings of listeners craving for Rnb and rap.
Perhaps the creative intentions on this work led to indecisiveness in some cases whereby he seemed somewhat torn between singing and rapping leading to the unnecessary prolongation of songs such as: “En route | For Me”.

“… they never see it/ they never see me see it/ but when it all come together/ that is when they start to see it.”

The “NoBis” has a quite self-explanatory concept, but Klef limited himself to it without any digression and continued the trend on a two-in-one “Wassup” where he sampled Lil’ Wayne’s mirror on the second, taking his lines majestically on the first with a high powered vocal performance on the second;  
“for real niggas y’all messing with a real nigga, the real nigga recognize he’s a real nigga, am talking triple OG kinda trill nigga, so when we murder collabos they say we kill niggas”?

Just like every other rap mix tape and CDs, “NOBIS” didn’t seem to lose its brag code with numerous catchy personal appraisal lines on; “1000 grammys”, “The One”, “wassup | mirror’’   and the vastly relationship-inclined songs like; all over your body, don’t runaway, my art, and should’ve known better, all acknowledge his abilities in both singing and rapping which might presumably be hard for him to ferret out which one he does better.
The piece de resistance of this 17 tracked tape is the wit, versatility and dedication with which it was executed especially being an upcoming act. Irrespective of these, the fact that he stayed far too much on the safe side of “No Beat Is Safe” affected his adaptability as he failed to tour other genres taking too much care with a rakish tempo except on; “don’t run away” where he worked with a more Nigerian sound.

Download 'Enroute' by Teeklef

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